Justin Rives

  • My wife Cristie sitting outside our backyard studio.
  • Jonathan, Ray, my ceramics teacher and myself friring the raku kiln.
  • Howard a great friend and teacher.
  • Cristie's Blog
About Me

I have always had an interest in art. While studying art at Mississippi College, I developed a passion for pottery and photography. The mediums are very different and as a result, they satisfy very different needs. Art for me nurtures a God-given inner need to create. I have always preferred working with traditional photographic materials. I usually process my own black and white films and develop my own prints. I prefer working with medium and large format films due to their ability to be enlarged while maintaining image integrity. I would like to say that my personal aesthetic is sensitively simple and pure. I have found digital photography to be very convenient for travel as well as working with portraits and wedding photography. I have also become addicted to accumulating collector and antique cameras. I enjoy fixing cameras, taking them apart to learning about how they work, and then using them in my own fine art photography. When I become weary with photography, I sit down at the wheel and make some pottery. I enjoy making vessels of all shapes and sizes. Mugs, bowls, vases, teapots, and other creative vessels are all forms that I enjoy making. I usually try to create classically proportioned vessels that have some degree of whimsical flare.

Contacting Me!
Please enjoy browsing through my website. Feel free to contact me for photos or other commissions at rivesware@yahoo.com.